Advantages of using invisible orthodontics

Currently, invisible orthodontics is one of the most recognized dental specialties in the world. Orthodontics, in general, has been used for many years. Thanks to technology, more opportunities arise every day to improve the position of your teeth, the aesthetics and the functionality of your mouth. That is why we want to show you the advantages of using invisible braces.

To carry out this type of treatment, the help of dental braces made to measure for the patient is needed and in this way get the teeth to move to the correct position, in addition to correcting the bite. With this mode you will achieve an aesthetic and functional balance.

What is invisible orthodontics?

For many people it is not pleasant to keep foreign objects in the teeth for the whole day or for months, depending on the case. For this reason, researchers are looking for ways to formulate devices that make the dental alignment process more bearable.

One of the most recent results of these investigations carried out by specialists is invisible orthodontics.

It is an avant-garde technique, which the vast majority of patients end up choosing thanks to its aesthetics. This type of orthodontics is perfect for improving dental health, and providing great discretion.

The also called Invisalign system, is made up of aligners or transparent aligners made according to the patient’s requirements. They are responsible for bringing the teeth to their place and are capable of covering a large number of orthodontic cases, such as very crowded, separated teeth and even improve crossbite.

Ventajas de utilizar ortodoncia invisible

Types of invisible orthodontic systems

In the current market there are several types of invisible orthodontic systems, the decision is made according to the case. The selection is made through orthodontic studies and a previous diagnosis. These are the types of invisible orthodontics:


It is placed in patients who need to quickly modify the position of the teeth. With this type of orthodontics, it is sought to treat all types of dental malocclusions.

Invisible Lite Orthodontics

It is a device that must be placed in those patients where only small movements must be made, such as: modifying small spaces between teeth or correcting crowding.

Unseen teen

It is a treatment specially designed for adolescent patients, in order to correct and guide the eruption of permanent teeth, orienting them to the proper position.

One of the things that usually happens is that at the end of the orthodontic treatment, they forget to return for the final phase, not knowing that the work carried out may be lost.

Why? Simply because it seems that the teeth have memory and look for a way to move little by little to where they were before. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the treatment with retainers, to prevent them from moving and thus achieve the total success of the treatment.

Ventajas ortodoncia invisible

Advantages of using invisible orthodontics

The smile is one of the most visible parts of the face, we would dare to say, that it is our cover letter. Despite this, there are those who hide it with their hands or lips because they are not comfortable with the appearance of their teeth.

All this can become a bad memory, thanks to the invisible teeth. Nowadays getting a healthy and beautiful smile is really comfortable and easy.

It is an innovative system for dental alignment and correction but invisible, which fulfills the same function as the metallic orthodontics that everyone knows. These are some of the advantages that invisible orthodontics offers you:

Totally aesthetic treatment

At the beginning of treatment, you will be provided with a number of clear aligners or covers that you should change approximately every 7 days. Once the aligners are changed, your teeth will move.

With invisible orthodontics, no one will know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It is a removable treatment

Patients who opt for this type of treatment have the power to decide when to put on the device and when to take it off. However, it is important that you know that in order for the treatment to be effective, the orthodontist’s instructions must be respected, which generally indicate a use of 22 hours a day.

The devices are made to measure and you will see the results from the moment you start using them.

Through a study and previous diagnosis, it is possible to more precisely control the path of the teeth that must be moved continuously and thus allow both the patient and the orthodontist to verify the final result of the treatment even before starting the use of the first aligners. .

ventajas braquets invisibles

They are really comfortable devices for the patient

One of the things that the patients of this system have liked the most is that they can take them off to eat and they can eat whatever they want, without limitations, all they have to do is take off the aligners, eat food, brush their teeth and place them again.

It is a system compatible with other treatments

This is one of the main advantages of using visible orthodontics, since it allows you to maintain several dental treatments at the same time, so you can treat dental implants, perform whitening, among others.

It can barely interfere with speech and eating.

Invisible orthodontics adapts to your teeth perfectly and adaptation to aligners is faster.

ortodoncia invisible ventajas

It is an effective treatment

With this type of orthodontics, you will begin to notice the results in the first months of using the aligners. What makes them become an effective solution from the beginning of treatment.

Perfect for those who are allergic to metals

Unlike what happens with braces, with invisible orthodontics you won’t have to worry about the discomfort, irritation and injuries that may be caused by the metal. This treatment does not contain metals and its edges are not sharp, which makes it easy to wear and does not cause allergies.

Allows you to maintain excellent oral hygiene

With this treatment you will have no problems brushing your teeth. You will have dental hygiene equal to or even better than the one you had before starting the treatment, since you will not have the obstacles caused by wires, brackets, rubber bands, among other elements that accompany this treatment.

You will not have problems when practicing sports

It is the perfect treatment for athletes, because if a contact blow occurs, it can be more bearable than if it occurs with a metal brace, thanks to the fact that it is made of smooth material.

Emergencies are very minimal.

Forget frequent visits to the clinic, another of the main advantages of using invisible orthodontics is that you are the one who replaces the aligners, of course with the orthodontist’s instructions. However, you will have to go to the clinic for 6 to 8 weeks to check how the treatment is going, in a very brief consultation.

The treatment is very short

One thing must be clear, and that is that the results obtained are just as good or better in relation to braces and act more quickly.

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