All-on-4 Dental Implants: Revitalize Your Smile

With All-on-4 dental implants, restore the full function and appearance of your teeth. María Cuadrado Dental Clinic has earned an exceptional reputation due to its outstanding specialization in the revolutionary “All-on-4” dental treatment. Find out how in our comprehensive guide.

What is the “All-on-4” treatment?

“All-on-4” is an innovative solution for those who have lost most, if not all, of their teeth. Instead of using an implant for each lost tooth, this treatment uses only four titanium implants to support a full dental prosthesis.

It is a less invasive and more efficient alternative to traditional dental implants, offering patients the possibility of having a completely new smile in just one day.

All-on-4 procedure

Procedure of the “All-on-4” treatment

Initial consultation and evaluation

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation at María Cuadrado Dental Clinic. During this meeting, Dr. María Cuadrado and her team will assess your oral health and discuss your dental goals. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.

Treatment planning

Once your suitability for the treatment has been confirmed, the team will create a customized treatment plan for you. This involves a detailed study of your mouth structure using advanced diagnostic technology, allowing precise placement of the implants.

Surgical procedure

The “All-on-4” procedure involves placing four titanium implants in the jawbone. These implants act as anchors for a full dental prosthesis. Two implants are placed at the front of the mouth, and two are placed at the back, angled to take advantage of the existing bone structure. The procedure is carried out under anesthesia to ensure comfort.

Recovery process

After the procedure, you will need some time to recover. You might experience some swelling and discomfort, but this is normal and temporary. Detailed aftercare instructions will be provided by the clinic to ensure a smooth recovery.

All-on-4 before and after

Benefits of the “All-on-4” treatment

There are many benefits to the “All-on-4” treatment. Firstly, it provides an efficient solution for extensive tooth loss, improving oral function and aesthetics. It is also a minimally invasive procedure compared to traditional dental implants, with a shorter recovery time. The treatment can significantly improve quality of life by restoring confidence and a natural-looking smile.

Comparison between “All-on-4” and other dental treatments

Compared to other dental treatments, “All-on-4” stands out for its efficiency and transformative results. Traditional dentures can often be uncomfortable and unstable, while individual dental implants might require more extensive surgery and a longer recovery time. “All-on-4”, on the other hand, provides a stable and comfortable solution with fewer implants and less surgical intervention.

Postoperative care of “All-on-4”

Postoperative care for “All-on-4” involves regular cleaning of the prosthesis and maintaining good oral hygiene. Regular check-ups at María Cuadrado Dental Clinic will also be essential to ensure the longevity of your new smile.

Success stories of the “All-on-4” treatment

Many patients at María Cuadrado Dental Clinic have experienced life-changing transformations thanks to the “All-on-4” treatment. These success stories serve as a testament to the expertise and dedication of Dr. María Cuadrado and her team.

All-on-four implant

Cost of the “All-on-4” treatment

The cost of “All-on-4” treatment can vary depending on the specifics of each case. However, considering the transformative results and the improved quality of life it provides, many patients see it as a worthwhile investment.

Frequently asked questions about “All-on-4”

  1. What is the “All-on-4” treatment? The “All-on-4” treatment is a dental procedure that provides a full-arch prosthesis using just four implants. It’s an ideal solution for individuals who have lost most, if not all, of their teeth.
  2. Who is a good candidate for the “All-on-4” treatment? Most people who are missing a significant number of teeth or are in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration are good candidates.
  3. How long does the “All-on-4” procedure take? The surgery usually takes about 2-4 hours per arch.
  4. Is the “All-on-4” procedure painful? The procedure is carried out under anesthesia, so patients feel no pain during the surgery. Mild discomfort may be experienced after the procedure, which can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.
  5. How long is the recovery time? Recovery time varies between individuals, but most people can return to their routine within a few days.
  6. Are there any dietary restrictions after the procedure? Patients are usually advised to stick to a soft diet for a few weeks post-surgery to allow for healing.
  7. How do I clean my “All-on-4” dental implants? The implants can be cleaned just like natural teeth—with regular brushing and flossing. Specific instructions will be provided by your dental team.
  8. Can “All-on-4” implants be removed? The “All-on-4” prosthesis is fixed in place and can only be removed by a dentist.
  9. Will I have a natural-looking smile with “All-on-4” implants? Yes, one of the key benefits of “All-on-4” implants is that they provide a natural-looking, fully functional set of teeth.
  10. How durable are “All-on-4” implants? With proper care, “All-on-4” implants can last a lifetime.
  11. What materials are used in “All-on-4” implants? The implants are made of titanium, while the prosthetic teeth can be made of acrylic or porcelain.
  12. Can “All-on-4” help if I have bone loss in my jaw? Yes, one of the advantages of the “All-on-4” procedure is that it can often be performed without the need for bone grafting.
  13. What is the success rate of “All-on-4” implants? The success rate for “All-on-4” implants is very high, typically over 95%.
  14. Are “All-on-4” implants expensive? The cost can vary depending on the specifics of each case. However, considering the transformative results, many patients see it as a worthwhile investment.
  15. Can I get “All-on-4” implants on the same day as my teeth are extracted? Yes, often the “All-on-4” implants can be placed on the same day as tooth extraction, which is why it’s also known as “Teeth in a Day”.


At María Cuadrado Dental Clinic, the team is dedicated to helping patients achieve their dream smile with the innovative “All-on-4” treatment. Despite the complexities of extensive tooth loss, a full, confident smile is within reach thanks to this revolutionary procedure.

With patients from all over Europe entrusting their oral health to Dr. María Cuadrado and her team, it is clear that the clinic has become a leading provider of “All-on-4” treatment.

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