Implant treatment

We are specialists in implant treatments. We have extensive experience providing cutting-edge solutions in the treatment of implantology.

To carry out the treatment of implants, we will perform a price analysis and diagnosis in order to be able to propose the best solution for you. Subsequently, we will place the new dental pieces quickly and safely.

We think that the best way for the implant to adapt correctly is through a good clinical follow-up after the treatment.

Get in touch with us to explain your case. We will be happy to assist you.

All on Four Teeth in 24h.

At the María Cuadrado dental clinic, we offer our patients the All on Four treatment, which allows us to have a new denture in just one day.

With this new method you will get new teeth by means of only 4 implants.

  • Rehabilitation of the complete denture with only four implants. Two straight implants in the anterior part and two inclined up to 45º in the posterior part.
  • Immediate function
    For patients who meet the requirements for immediate loaded implants.

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